A devised work inspired by the eponymous text, by Charles Mee
Directed by Alexander Eichner & Sarah Kim

House of Cards was an experimental piece of site-specific performance art, devised with the designers and cast and staged in the Ida Noyes Cloister Club using tents to create close, intimate spaces. The original text is a meandering walk through the memories and musings of the speaker in a surreal dreamscape, vacillating between sweet, tender recollections and violent images of trauma. Working closely with the text, we devised a series of vignettes capturing aspects of the text with sound, lights, movement, and voice. We presented these pieces in various different orders to small groups, led from tent to tent through the vast, dark, and empty Cloister Club.

Sound Designer - Stephanie Slaven
Costume Designer - Peyton Walker
Sound Assistant - Charlotte Rieder
Lighting Assistants - Ian Goller, Maya Jain
Performers - Maddox Fraad, Si Squires-Kasten, Peyton Walker, Joe Beutel, Leo Weinreb, India Weston, Emma Glass
Directors - Alexander Eichner, Sarah Kim
Management Assistant - Savannah Smith
Committee Liaison - Natalie Wagner