Teams of writers, actors, directors, and designers – led by four fearless curators – collaborate for a frenzied 24 hours to bring you an evening filled with brand-new plays centered around a top-secret theme the first weekend of every quarter. Never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen-again, this festival is not one to miss!

The 24-hour extravaganza kicks off for participants on the evening of Friday, January 6 in the FXK Theater. Or, come see the culmination of their work at 8pm on Saturday, January 7!

Feel free to contact the Theater[24] curators (Eli Gillespie, Natalie Manley, Antrita Manduva, Maya Doyle) with any questions!

Theater[24] signups

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Past performances

See performances from the past for a sneak preview at the antics to come: