New Work Week presents a festival of premieres: come see this series of original play readings, staged adaptations, and the final products of TAPS Bachelor’s theses, which represent the culmination of four years  of these students’ theatrical training in the College.  All of it is  student-written, all of it is student-directed. You could attend just one show--or you could purchase a $12 Festival Pass that will get you into all twelve works for just $1 per show.  See you there.

Making A Killing by Val Bodurtha, dir. Natalie Pasquinelli: You don’t see serial killers in the news anymore. It’s not how it was in the 80s, the killer news coverage replaced by television. Nobody can name a prolific serial killer, but anyone can list their favorite serial killer shows at request. Making A Killing is a one act comedy that asks, “How do the serial killers feel about that?”

Shades by Cynthia Campos Constanzo, dir. Megan Philippi: A comedic drama looking at what makes a family, and the disparity between those properly and improperly diagnosed and treated for mental health. In working together on a detective case, our protagonists shed light on the treatment of minorities and highlight the power family can offer to loved ones.

The Doll by Hayley Gruenspan, dir. Tempest Wisdom: A girl brings home her trans girlfriend to her supposedly liberal family. The situation quickly goes awry.

Carson by River MacLeod, dir. Hanna Kime: Three friends struggle with transphobia and suicide and to reclaim the meaning of family.

The Last Bus by Ellen Wiese, dir. Sophie Downes: Three former coworkers and a stranger wait for the last bus at the end of the world. With the rest of everything hidden in a never-ending rain, they discuss call centers, confessions, and a carnivorous newcomer. A bus arrives, an ark is built, and the waters cover the earth.