Travel back to the 1890s to discover a world balancing between morality and sin. Within this reimagined dark comedy, Shakespeare explores the agency of women and power structures of the archaic period. Join us as we dive into this discussion of values and finding the humor within our daily lives.


Sam Jacobson (Duke Vincentio) is a student in the college.

Sabrina Sternberg (Isabella) is a second year in the college. Her past UT credits include Love’s Labour’s Lost: The Musical (Princess) and As You Like It (Duke Senior). Much thanks to Sophia, Sam, the cast, and the crew for a wonderful experience!

Liam Flanigan (Angelo) is a first year in the College from Columbus, Ohio. This is his first show with UT, and he is very excited to be involved.

Hana Eldessouky (Escalus) is a student in the college.

Willem Finn Harling (Lucio) is a first year in the college and is thrilled to get to spend their first quarter working with so many wonderful students on such a wonderful show, especially a Dean’s Men show. Previous roles include Lombard in And Then There Were None and M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias. Along with acting, Will hopes to direct and playwright for UT. Who knows what they will end up majoring in! Stay tuned…

Justin Saint-Loubert-Bie (Claudio) is 18 years old. He knows how to read and write. He can perform basic addition in his head. In his free time, Justin enjoys butchering the works of famous composers on the piano. In the past, Justin has been spotted in a Georgia courtroom, at a piano in Italy, in a hospital posing as a hypochondriac, and once deep in the Russian countryside disguised as a local mayor. Today, you will see him muck around in the role of Claudio. Finally, Justin is very happy and honored that you are reading his biography, and hopes he will stumble around on the stage in a way that enhances your viewing pleasure.

Hope Gundlah (Pompey) is a third year English and TAPS major. Her past UT credits include Comedy of Errors (Merchants/Messenger), Circe (Zoe/The Nymph), She Kills Monsters (Farrah/Evil Gabbi), Peter & The Starcatcher (Molly Aster), Love's Labour's Lost: The Musical (Maria), and Richard III (Shadow). She was also Swing (Understudy for Thorn/Attendant) in A Midsummer Night's Dream with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.

Matilda Kupfer (Juliet/Mistress Overdone) is a student in the college.

Daphne de Beistegui (Mariana/Francisca) is a first year looking to major in Philosophy and Allied Fields. In high school, she played Alice in Alice in Wonderland and performed in Made in Dagenham: The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also played Lily Luna Potter in the last Harry Potter film when she was ten.

Natalie Chapin (Elbow/Abhorsen) is a first year majoring in something at the University of Chicago. She has had so much fun participating in her first Dean’s Men and UT show. Previously, she has played various roles in high school plays and community theatre, including Perdita in The Winter’s Tale and Mrs. Tottendale in The Drowsy Chaperone. In addition to acting, Natalie loves dancing jazz, tap, and hip hop, as well as singing musical theatre and a capella. She also loves cats and Disneyland. She would like to thank her castmates, director, and production crew for an amazing experience.

Steve Berkowitz (Barnardine/Froth) is a fourth year in the College, studying English and Economics. He has a fervent passion for Coldplay, his favorite movie is Spiderman 3, and he likes to take his dog on pensive walks on the beach in the sunset. Don't ask him for a bubble tea recommendation.

Don Harmon (Friar Peter/Officer) is a student in the college.

Production Staff

Sophia Lubarr (Director) is a third year studying history and computer science. Her past credits include Antigonick (Dramaturg), As You Like It (Assistant Director), and A Comedy of Errors (Assistant Stage Manager). She is overjoyed to be directing Measure for Measure!

Nicola Lustig (Production Manager) is a second year excited to be working on her first show with the Dean's Men! Previously she has worked on Peter and the Starcatcher (Assistant Production Manager), Eurydice (Assistant Sound Designer), and Animals Out of Paper (Assistant Lighting Designer).

Sam Sobel (Stage Manager) is a student in the college.

Maxine King (Scenic Designer) is a second year Computer Science and Mathematics double-major. Her previous show credits include As You Like It (Assistant Props Designer), Much Ado About Nothing (Assistant Scenic Designer), and Richard III (Scenic Designer).

Clare Kemmerer (Costume Designer) is a student in the college.

Marly Santora (Props Designer) is a third year art history major, and this is her first show as a Dean's Men. She hopes you enjoy looking at the items in this play just as much as she enjoyed making them.

Abby Weymouth (Lighting Designer) is a third year Chemistry major. She has previously worked on Richard III (Lighting Designer), Peter and the Starcatcher (Lighting Designer), Circe (Assistant Lighting Designer), A Weekend of Workshops (Assistant Lighting Designer), and Comedy of Errors (Assistant Scenic Designer).

Jacob Spiegel (Sound Designer) is a third year Computer Science and TAPS major. He has previously worked on Animals Out Of Paper (Director), Much Ado About Nothing (Sound Designer), A Weekend Of Workshops: Matt & Ben (Director), As You Like It (Sound Designer), Comedy Of Errors (Assistant Sound Designer), and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Auxiliary Percussion/Assistant Set Designer).

Caitlyn Klum (Dramaturg) is a student in the college.

Claire Thomas (Assistant Stage Manager) is a student in the college.

Leo Wehner (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a student in the college.

Xiya Wu (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a student in the college.

Mary Mouton (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a student in the college.

Ro Redfern (Assistant Sound Designer) is a first year Public Policy major. This is their first time working on a UT production, and they are thrilled to be a part of Measure for Measure!

Leonardo Ferreira Guilhoto (UT Committee Liaison) is a third year Computational and Applied Math (CAM) major and Physics minor. With UT/TAPS, he has worked on Peter And The Starcatcher (Black Stache), Eurydice (Father), and The Misanthrope (Clitandre/Du Bois). Leo is a proud member of the UChicago Commedia dell'Arte ensemble and serves as the Artistic Director for the group in the 2018-2019 school year.

Olivia Malone (Tech Staff Liaison) is a student in the college.