Hana Eldessouky (Dona Juana) is a third year Anthropology and English major. Her previous TAPS/UT credits include As You Like It (Jacques), The Misanthrope (Philinte), and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Jenny/Lisa). 

Elizabeth Price (Dona Inez) is a student in the college.

Claudia Fernandez (Dona Clara) is a first-time actress excited to explore the contours of Spanish Golden Age Comedy vis-a-vis the lens of a certain Vietnam-Era 'je ne sais quoi.' She believes this play is a critique of the Spanish Monarchy's repression of personal liberty, and she hopes that the audience will engage in thoughtful introspection about the play's relevance to contemporary media, including the Instagram Influencer-Industrial Complex. 

Samira Shabsogh (Dona Petra) is a fourth year Economics major. She enjoys not being "your basic Econ major", shaming people, and being better than you. She is excited to expand her limited high school repertoire of playing noblewomen by playing an older, matriarchal noblewoman.

Catherine McNally (Quintana/Ossorio) is a student in the college. Although she grew up enjoying the Boston theater scene, this is her first stage role. Playing both Ossario and Quintana, Catherine is excited to explore the role of a servant in 17th century Spanish society. Please come to the play.

Gabriel Rourke (Don Martin) is a fourth year Math and Economics major in the college. However, he is also minoring in Cinema and Media Studies to show that he does in fact have a soul. This is his third UT production, having previously worked on Hamlet (Marcellus/Player 1/Clown 2) and anther production which he would rather not talk about. He is a massive Coldplay fan and is currently very upset that the sound designer has not included Viva La Vida in the preshow playlist. 

Jacob Goodman (Don Juan) is a fourth year Comparative Human Development and Visual Arts double major. He has previously worked on Grenadine (Set/Puppet Designer), The Aliens (KJ), The Misanthrope (Acaste),  Next to Normal (Director), She Kills Monsters (Puppet Designer), Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Matt/Mr. Burns), The Comedy of Errors (Director), The Seagull (Konstantin), and Twelfth Night (Duke Orsino). 

Lily Grossbard (Caramanchel) is a fourth-year Rugby and Coffee Shop major. This is their first UT show! In their spare time, they pal around with the bros, drink beer, and occasionally enjoy a good gender-bending farce, bitch.

Production Staff

Margaret Glazier (Director) is a forth year English Literature and Language Major. She is the Chair of University Theater. She has previously worked on A Streetcar Named Desire (Blanche), Much Ado About Nothing (Beatrice), The Misanthrope (Célimène), Lear (Cordelia), The Children's Hour (Karen), and Watch Your Language, C**t (Sam). She would love to thank Heidi Coleman, Shade Murray, Tiffany Trent, Brian Mashka, Neel McNeil, UT Committee and the entire cast and team of Don Gil for making this crazy play happen!

Afriti Bankwalla (Co-Costume Designer) is a student in the college.

Quinn Kane (Co-Costume Designer) is a fourth year Classics and History major. His previous acting credits include Urinetown (Bobby Strong), Hamlet (Polonius), West Side Story (Baby John), The Comedy of Errors (Aegeon/Pinch), Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Gibson/Homer), and She Kills Monsters (Chuck). Quinn was also assistant costume designer for Geography of a Horse Dreamer and She Kills Monsters, assistant director for God of Carnage, and stage manager for A Weekend of Workshops: The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From

Pat Doyle (Sound/Music Designer) is fourth year Philosophy major. His previous UT credits include: Urinetown (Assistant Production Manager), The Seagull (APM), Navarasa: Reimagined (APM), After the Revolution (PM), Peter and the Starcatcher (PM), She Kills Monsters (Assistant Sound Designer), and God Of Carnage (Sound Designer). In addition to work in the UT community, Patrick manages Occam's Razor, UChicago's freest improv comedy group. 

Andy Cohen (Choreographer) is a student in the college.