Based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home dives into the power of memory in full force, as Alison attempts to understand her father, his death, and his hidden desires. Through beautiful, funny, and wholly vulnerable storytelling, this 2015 Tony Award winning musical explores sexuality, identity, and what it’s like to see your parents through grown-up eyes.


Ri Desta (Alison) is a fourth year Comparative Human Development major. They have previously worked on New Work Week 2018 (Going Up, Quack!), Henry VI: Parts I, II, and III (Assistant Light Designer), A Weekend of Workshops: Pericles, but Marxist (Marina and others), and Iphigenia & Other Daughters (Chorus). As a queer person themselves, Ri is ecstatic knowing that their last UT production will tell a story that is so very near and dear to both their heart and their identity.

Lara Sachdeva (Medium Alison) is a first year planning on majoring in Political Science and TAPS. She has previously performed in A Weekend of Workshops, and she has a lot of love for everyone working on this show!

Molly Bridges (Small Alison) is a third year TAPS major. They have previously worked on good friday (co-Production Manager) and Eurydice (Assistant Stage Manager).

Thomas McLees (Bruce) is a fourth year political Science major. He previously played Cliff Bradshaw in UT's 2014 production of Cabaret and directed a workshop in the Fall of 2017, and is currently a member of Voices in Your Head, a student-run coed a cappella group here on campus. When he's not procrastinating at home you can find him in the Reg, also procrastinating.

Emily Lovett (Helen) is a fourth year English Literature and Music major. Her past UT credits include Machinal (Music Director), Animals Out Of Paper (Dramaturg), The Aliens (Music Director), As You Like It (Composer/Music Director), Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Vocal Director), Love, Loss, and What I Wore (Gingy), A Twinklin' Rhyme (Mrs. Who/Happy Medium), The Children's Hour (Evelyn), West Side Story (Velma), and Hamlet (Guildenstern). Outside of UT, she also sings in UChicago's Women's Ensemble and works as a Dramaturgy Intern at the Court Theatre. This is her final UT show and she is weepy!! 

Felix Lecocq (John) is a third year English Language/Literature and Creative Writing major. He has previously worked on good friday (Sound Designer), Love's Labour's Lost (Sound Designer), Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Assistant Sound Designer), and Iphigenia & Other Daughters (Orestes). He performs stand-up comedy and spoken word poetry with The Underground Collective.

Lucia Geng (Christian) is a second year Political Science major. She has previously worked on good friday (Co-Production Manager), Richard III (Catesby), and Much Ado About Nothing (Verges). She would like to thank the cast, crew, and band for making these past ten weeks an absolute blast! 

Krishna Kumar (Roy) is a second year Applied Mathematics major. He has previously worked on Peter and the Starcatcher (Peter) and Love's Labour's Lost: A New Musical (Boyet).

Alden Herrera (Joan) is a fourth year majoring in biological sciences and minoring in nonfiction creative writing. She used to play upright double bass in high school musicals, and she's only now emerging from the depths of the pit to perform in her first UT show. 

Production Staff

Maya Jain (Director) is a fourth year TAPS and SALC major. Some of her other University Theater credits include: good friday (Sophia), I & You (Director), Circe (Scenic Designer), and After the Revolution (Scenic Designer). She also works for UT/TAPS as part of Tech Staff (Scenic Artist) and Student Staff (Front of House Manager). This is one of her favorite plays in the world and she could not be more honored to be putting it on with the people she's putting it on with. 

Olivia Malone (Production Manager) is a fourth year Economics major. Her recent UT credits are Machinal (Video Tech), good friday (Video Tech), Animals Out of Paper (PM), and Matt & Ben (PSM). She is the Assistant Lighting Manager on TAPS Tech Staff, the Tech Staff Liaison to UT Committee, the PM Intern at Court Theatre, and a general technician at Mandel Hall.

Sara Everson (Stage Manager) is a second year Classics and Linguistics major. She has previously worked on Peter and the Starcatcher (Co-Props Designer), God of Carnage (Assistant Props Designer), The Aliens (Props Designer), and good friday (Assistant Stage Manager). 

Giovanna Hooton (Vocal Director) is a third year majoring in Theater and Performance Studies and minoring in Linguistics. She has not done UT since first year but is overjoyed to be back and a part of this production! She is also the Assistant Music Director of Unaccompanied Women, the oldest a cappella group on campus! She is incredibly proud of the cast and crew and hopes you enjoy this labor of love! 

Lauren Torian (Music Director) is a third year Music, Anthropology, and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies major. Within UT, she has previously worked on Peter and the Starcatcher (Vocal Director) and Love Labour’s Lost (Vocal Director). Outside of UT, she sings with her a cappella group Voices and with UChicago Motet Choir. 

Ethan Schondorf (Scenic Designer) is a second year in the college. Previously with UT he has worked on good friday (Scenic Designer), Animals Out Of Paper (Scenic Designer), Love's Labour's Lost: The Musical (Scenic Designer), and Next to Normal (Assistant Scenic Designer). He is also an ensemble member of UChicago Commedia and a member of Tech Staff.

Katia Kukucka (Costume Designer) is a second year History major. Fun Home is her first show with UT.

Eren Ahn (Props Designer) is a fourth year majoring in Biological Sciences and Visual Arts. They have previously worked as a Props Designer on good friday, I & You, God of Carnage, and Next to Normal, and worked as an Assistant Props Designer on Mr. Burns, a post-electric play. Eren is feeling rather bittersweet about writing this bio as this is their final UT show, but is filled with love and respect for everyone on the cast and crew, including the dead [stuffed] mouse that they found in storage. It has vampire fangs, which must mean it has feelings, right?

Fred Dan (Lighting Designer) is a second year Physics major. He has previously worked on A Streetcar Named Desire (Lighting Designer), The Aliens (Lighting Designer), Love's Labour's Lost: The Musical (Master Electrician), and Next to Normal (Assistant Lighting Designer) in University Theater. His favorite gel is R53 and his favorite lighting fixture available at Logan is the Mac Aura.

Jemima Adeyinka (Sound Designer) is a student in the College.

Isaiah Zwick-Schachter (Master Electrician) is a student in the College.

Jamie Macpherson (Intimacy Choreographer) is a freelance fight/intimacy director and educator based out of Chicago. Originally from the Twin Cities, MN, Jamie has designed violence for theatres across the country. Recent credits include: Hellcab (Agency Theatre Collective), Romeo and Juliet (Lawrence Arts Center, KS), and Titus Andronicus (Arizona State University). She is delighted to be a part of this season at UChicago Arts, serving as fight and intimacy director for Machinal and Macbeth. When not swinging around a blade, Jamie teaches preschool. Jamie is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors and holds an MFA from Arizona State University.

Ting Ting Shi (Pianist) is a first year pre-med majoring in Public Policy and minoring in HIPS. This is her first UT show and she sells coffee in her free time. 

Carolyn Hammond (Flautist) is a second year Public Policy and Linguistics major. Previously, she has been in pit orchestras as a flautist/piccoloist for Sweeney Todd, Hello Dolly, and Urinetown. On campus, Carolyn works as a barista for Ex Libris Café, and is involved with the Chicago Economics Forum as a marketing director. This is her first show with UT.

Faith Anaya (Clarinetist) is a second year Comparative Human Development Major. This is her first UT production and first involvement with theater since second grade. She is excited to be involved with a show that is so close to her heart!

Avi Anurag (Drummer) is an undecided first year in the college interested in Math and Cinema and Media Studies. He is excited to be a part of his first UT production!

Daniel Schwartz (Guitarist) earned his degrees in Philosophy and Political Science in 2018. He previously played guitar for Next to Normal

Andrew Schildcrout (Bassist) is a first year HIPS major and pre-med. He has previously played in the orchestra for Footloose, Bye-Bye Birdie, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. He is also a member of the Dirt Red Brass Band. Outside of the orchestra pit Andrew enjoys running, cooking, and dogs. He is beyond excited to be a part of this wondrous production.

Cole Meldorf (Violinist) is a student in the College.

Shreya Shettigar (Assistant Director) is a second year Econ-Business major (but don’t worry, she’s also minoring in Cinema and Media Studies). She has previously worked on good friday (Natalie), I & You (Caroline), Much Ado About Nothing (Antonio), and A Weekend Of Workshops: The Rope (Pat Sweeney).

Nicola Lustig (Assistant Production Manager) is a student in the college.

Zach Curtis-Ginsberg (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a student in the College.

Melaina Leung (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a second year planning to major in Anthropology and Economics. She has previously worked on Richard III (Assistant Production Manager) and is also currently working on Grenadine (Assistant Lighting Designer).

Elizabeth Winkler (Hair/Makeup) is a student in the College.

Maria Botha (Assistant Costume Designer) is a student in the College.

Mollie Davies (Assistant Costume Designer) is a student in the College.

Katherine Maschka Hitchcock (Assistant Costume Designer) is a student in the College.

Nina Lubeck (Assistant Costume Designer/Wardrobe Manager) is a second year Art History and Math double major. She has previously worked on Grenadine (Assistant Costume Designer), Songs for a New World (Costume Designer), and Eurydice (Assistant Costume Designer).

Helen Malley (Assistant Props Designer) is a student in the College.

Gigi Hancock (Follow Spot Operator) is a first year Math and Physics double major. She has previously worked on Machinal (Assistant Sound/Co-Production Manager) and Grenadine (Sound Board Op). She's super excited to work on her third UT show.

Ananya Karanam (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a student in the College.

Brooke Nagler (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a student in the College.

Ling Lin (Assistant Sound Designer) is a student in the College.

chene bourget (Tech Staff Liaison) is a fourth year TAPS and Gender & Sexuality Studies double major in the College.