Ten years have passed since Philoctetes, wielder of the bow of Heracles, was abandoned on an island as punishment. Now, in the midst of the Trojan war, Odysseus learns Philoctetes’ magical bow is the only hope in saving the Greeks and winning the war. In a quest for the bow, Sophocles’ epic tragedy asks if we are willing to sacrifice our morality for our country, and at what cost? 


Oleńka Wellisz (Philoctetes) is a second year English and Visual Arts major. Previous University Theater credits include Richard III (Queen Elizabeth), Much Ado About Nothing (Ursula), and As You Like It (Corin). She is looking forward to going home for the summer, and would personally be very offended if anyone tried to deter her, either by taking her to Troy or otherwise. 

Ege Atila (Neoptolemus) is a student in the college.

Rex Lee (Odysseus) is a second year History and Political Science major. In his free time, he can be seen floating around. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Alicia Hurtado (Merchant/Chorus) is a first year prospective Sociology/Public Policy major. She previously appeared in a story about dragons (Actor) as part of the Weekend of Workshops Fall 2018. 

Elizabeth Cron (Chorus) is a first year Environmental Science major.  She is excited to make her University Theater debut in Philoctetes, and hopes you enjoy the hard work this cast and crew has put into this production.

Ken Leng (Chorus) is a fourth year Comparative Human Development major. He has previously worked on Richard III (Ghost of Henry VI), West Side Story (Pepe), You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Pigpen), Footloose (Ren), 42nd Street (Andy Lee), Les Misérables (Brujon), The Little Mermaid (Grimsby), Annie (Rooster), Bye Bye Birdie (Hugo), and other theatrical productions throughout his life. During his time at the College, he has taken HUMA 120-22 Greek Thought and Literature, and is extremely happy to be acting in a play by Sophocles. He is a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories and Alan Moore's writings, and enjoys playing tennis in his free time.

Noah Friedlander (Chorus) is a second year majoring in Physics and Political Science. This is his second UT show after working on Richard III (Ensemble) last year. He has also been seen with the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company in Patience (Chorus) and Merrie England (Butcher). He thanks Ruthie, Emily, Ling, Jess, and Clarissa for making this another wonderful experience, Nina for roping him into this production, and his castmates for creating this funny, crazy, moving show.

Production Staff

Ruthie Dworin (Director) is a student in the college.

Nicola Lustig (Production Manager) is a second year.  She has previously worked on Measure for Measure (Production Manager), Fun Home (Assistant Production Manager), and others.  She's super excited to work on Philoctetes and hopes you enjoy the show!

Jess Robinson (Stage Manager) is a third year majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Some of her most recent credits include Bodas de Sangre (Production Manager), Grenadine (Production Manager), 500 bucks and a pack of smokes (Stage Manager), The Sandbox (Sandbox Designer), Antigonick (Co-Stage Manager), as well as various Commedia dell'arte shows (Stage Manager). 

Ethan Schondorf (Scenic Designer) is a second year in the college. Previously in UT he has designed for Fun Home, good friday, Animals Out Of Paper, and Love's Labour's Lost: The Musical. He is also an ensemble member of UChicago Commedia and a member of Tech Staff.

Katia Kukucka (Co-Costume Designer) is a second year History major with a minor in Renaissance Studies. She has previously worked on Fun Home (Costume Designer). Katia is very glad to now be able to add armor-making to her ever-growing list of procrastination hobbies.

Nina Lubeck (Co-Costume Designer) is a second year Art History and Mathematics double major. She has previously worked on Twelfth Night (Assistant Costume Designer), Fun Home (Assistant Costume Designer/Wardrobe Mistress), Grenadine (Assistant Costume Designer), Songs for a New World (Costume Designer), and Eurydice (Assistant Costume Designer).

Lia Bauer-Goulden is the Props Designer for Grenadine and a third year History major at the College. Lia has previously worked as a props designer on Grenadine, Animals Out of Paper, Antigonick, and As You Like It, has assisted on Henry (Set/Props) and After the Revolution (Props), and strangely once was the lighting designer for Songs for a New World despite a total lack of prior experience. Fun fact! carrying lumber for a 6 foot long bow on public transit is awkward. 

Abby Weymouth (Lighting Designer) is a third year Chemistry major. She has previously worked on Grenadine (Master Electrician), Measure for Measure (Lighting Designer), Richard III (Lighting Designer), Peter and the Starcatcher (Lighting Designer), Circe (Assistant Lighting Designer), and Comedy of Errors (Assistant Set Designer).

Zach Curtis-Ginsberg (Sound Designer) is a first year Physics major. He has previously worked on Fun Home (Assistant Scenic Designer). His favorite sound is rain on a metal roof.

Madalena Parsons (Dramaturg) is a second year Classical Studies major. She's excited to be working on her first show with UT and hopes she will have more opportunities to be the designated classics nerd in the future.

Fred Dan (Master Electrician) is a second year Economics and Visual Arts Major. He has previously worked on Fun Home, A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Aliens as the lighting designer. He was also master electrician on Loves Labour's Lost: The Musical and assistant lighting designer on Next to Normal

Isaiah Zwick-Schachter (Master Electrician) is a student in the college.

Maya Jain (Scenic Charge) is a student in the college.

Emily O’Heir (Assistant Director) is a first year Classics major. Though she has previously acted in A Weekend of Workshops: Peach Boy (Player 1), Machinal (Telephone Girl, Others), and CES’ Macbeth (Banquo), this is her first time on a direction team. She would like to thank Ruthie and Ling for their amazing time together, as well as the actors for all their passion and hard work. She’s especially grateful to Sophocles for writing the brief reference to Nestor, her all-time favorite cat. 

Ling Lin (Assistant Director) is a first year TAPS/Econ major. She has worked on A Weekend of Workshops: Love, Loss & What I Wore (Cast), good friday (Assistant Sound Designer), and Fun Home (Assistant Sound Designer). She is excited to be on Philoctetes' direction team and work with Ruthie again, and she has found that the things she has learned from this production are much more than the directing notes she gives out.  

Clarissa Mullig (Assistant Stage Manager) is a student in the college.

Lia O’Bryan (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a second year Mathematics major. She has previously worked on Grenadine (Assistant Scenic/Puppet Designer), and she’s having a wonderful time working with such an incredible group!

Rea Brown (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a first year TAPS major. She has previously worked on Grenadine (Assistant Props Designer) and Theater 24 (Writer/Designer). She is excited to be wrapping up her first year and looks forward to working on more UT shows in the future!

Melaina Leung (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a second year Anthropology and Economics double major. She has previously worked on Fun Home (Assistant Scenic Designer), Grenadine (Assistant Lighting Designer), and Richard III (Assistant Production Manager).

Lara Sachdeva (Assistant Costume Designer) is a student in the college.

Aware Deshmukh (Assistant Props Designer) is a second year Physics major. She has previously worked on Machinal (Assistant Props Designer). When not in Logan, she sings in the University Chorus and the Women's Ensemble - although come to think of it, that's frequently in Logan, too.

Mary Mouton (Asst. Lighting Designer) is a student in the college.

Caitlyn Klum (Committee Liaison ) is a student in the college.

Olivia Malone (Tech Staff Liaison) is a fourth year Economics major. Her recent UT credits are Fun Home (Production Manager), Machinal (Video Tech), good friday (Video Tech), and Animals Out of Paper (Production Manager). She is the Assistant Lighting Manager on TAPS Tech Staff, the Tech Staff Liaison to UT Committee, and the Production Management Intern at Court Theatre.