Workshops give directors and writers a chance to see their work come alive on stage. Join us for a weekend of workshopped scenes from two student-written plays: The Heirs and Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle.

The Heirs by Ronan O’Callaghan and Noah Klowden, directed by Noah Klowden

At the annual Von Meyer Christmas Eve party, the youngest generation of the Von Meyer family find their retreat in the back office. But in the wake of the Von Meyer matriarch, Annabelle "Granny Annie" Smith-Von Meyer, the family fortune is on the line. Now, the young Von Meyers must face both the family legacy and their future.


Sian McAllister (Jane)

Cameron Landin (Teagan)

Abigail Kanes (Aveline)

George Corrin (Liam)

Layla Lukaj (Charlotte)

Theodore Anderson (Gerald)

Production Staff

Yujie Zeng (Stage Manager)

Preeya Patel (Lighting Designer)

Eleni Lefakis (Costume Designer)

Anna German (Costume Designer)

Teddy Sandler (Scenic Designer)

Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle by Brandon Zang, directed by Jayda Hart

This steampunk drama follows Ah Wing and his journey to build an automaton Eagle based on his late father's blueprints with hopes of selling it to the US Government to release into the wild after they have gone extinct. These scenes follow the building tension as he finally gets the Eagle to function, fulfilling the expectations from his mother and community, and working to get the money to rebuild Chinatown. Ah Wing and his family must navigate grief, hope, and trying to live the American dream.


Amadis Davis (Ah Wing)

Ling Lin (the Eagle)

Faustina Yick (Lab Fa)

Jon Shao (Dr. Chang)

Production Staff

Danielle Yablonovskiy (Stage Manager)

Andrei Thüler (Lighting Designer)

Jules Yaeger (Costume Designer)

Daisy Marshall (Props Designer)

Eleni Lefakis (Assistant Stage Manager)

Workshops Production Staff

Lena Maghraoui (Production Manager)

Zander Galluppi (Committee Liaison)