rootbound by Katie Bevil

A young woman volunteering at her community garden meets some passionate environmentalists and must either meet their standards or create her own.


Sally Rose Zuckert (Tinsley)

Jess Mora (Erin)

Ro Redfern-Taube (Saige)

Manhar Dixit (Wyatt)

Production Staff

Leah Profitt (Director)

It’s Curtains by Devin Haas

It's Curtains is a dry, musical twist on the classic whodunnit filled with suspense, comedy, and romance. Note: For the New Work Week performance over Zoom, lyrics were (mostly) spoken.


Alessandra Tufiño (TV Broadcaster/Detective Claverie)

Ryan Murphy (TV Co-Host)

Liz Ombrellaro (Antonio)

Alisa Boland (Camille)

Laura Mahaniah (Suspect)

Hannah Wilson-Black (Suspect)

Production Staff

Lara Sachdeva (Director)

Ryan Murphy (Stage Manager)

Reading the Peach Blosson Fan by Honglan Huang

Two readers experience, interpret and re-interpret the Chinese classic The Peach Blossom Fan.


Nora Schultz

An Li

Jon Shao

Production Staff

Anne Lim (Director)

Mimansa Dogra (Dramaturg)

ENTER, DEATH by Brandon Sward

On a dark night in Colorado, a boy has an encounter with Death that culminates in a conversation about friendship, regret, and losing the ones we love.


Addison Wood (Death)

Evan Finder (Boy)

Production Staff

Cameron Drake (Director)

Allegra Hatem (Dramaturg)

Welcome Back to My Channel, written and directed by Brandon Zang


Tess Ortego (Martha)

Noah Friedlander (Marcus)

Shreya Shettigar (Saskia)

Nick Schwarz (Will)

Jayda Hart (Benny)