When Judy Thomas, a devout pastor, is condemned to Hell for her single imperfection of wearing clothing with mixed fabrics, she is forced to learn that the difference between a sinner and a saint is just a few letters.


Elma Ling Hoffman (Judy Thomas) is a fourth-year Art History and Religious Studies major.

Laura Mahaniah (Andrea Johnson) is a first-year with an interest in TAPS and Linguistics. She has previously acted in My H8 Letter to the Gr8 American Theatre and a couple of virtual readings. As per her previous bio, she would like to remind everyone who has not yet done so to learn what a Djungelskog is, and assures them that they will not regret it.

Harry Franklin (Simon Peters)

Zander Galluppi (God/Satan/Ensemble) is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Committee on Immunology. He has performed in ten UT/TAPS shows – some of his favorite credits include The Old Man and the Old Moon (Cookie/Solomon/Ghost Singer), Animals Out of Paper (Andy), Love’s Labour’s Lost: A New Musical (Longaville), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Smee). Additionally, Zander is currently serving in his third term on UT Committee. Outside of UT, Zander has performed with the Hyde Park Community Players and regionally with This Moment Productions, Beverly Arts Center, and Underscore Theatre Company as part of their Chicago Musical Theatre Festival. Catch him this June appearing as Antipholus of Ephesus in Beverly Arts Center’s The Comedy of Errors! Zander would like to thank the cast and crew of Original Sin for their hard work and support in an unconventional rehearsal process!

Jess Aaron (Ensemble) is a first-year intended Philosophy and Law, Letters and Society major. She has previously appeared in several productions with the Dean’s Men and is super excited to be performing in her first musical at the University of Chicago. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Alex Nobert (Ensemble) is a first-year Environmental Science major. She has previously participated in Spring Quarter 24 Hour Theater as an actor, but other than that, this is her first show! She would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this show happen despite the circumstances, and her roommates, who had to endure her constant singing in their apartment while they tried to study.

Production Staff

Julia Fennell (Director/Librettist/Composer) is a first-year working toward a B.A. in Theater and Performance Studies. She is currently working on a new full-length musical entitled Cole, Carved. She’s worked on several UChicago productions, including as the assistant stage manager for My H8 Letter to the Great American Theatre.

Michael Schuhler (Stage Manager) is a first-year Business Econ major with a minor in Physics. He has previously worked on Theatre24 productions (Actor/Producer) and is currently serving on the UT Committee. In his free time, he enjoys music and singing.

Maxine King (Production Manager) is a fourth-year Mathematics and Computer Science double major. She has previously worked on Dry Land (Production Manager), Macbeth (Production Manager), Measure For Measure (Scenic Designer), Richard III (Scenic Designer), Much Ado About Nothing (Assistant Scenic Designer), and As You Like It (Assistant Props Designer).

Carolyn Johansen (Costume Designer) is a second-year double-majoring in Economics and Chemistry. This is her first show with UT.

Daisy Marshall (Lighting Designer) is a first-year at the College. Original Sin is her first production with UT. Though she learned lots from her experience with theater in high school, she couldn’t be happier to move up from her coveted “Assistant Stage Sweeper” position. Accordingly, she is immensely grateful to the cast and crew for creating this amazing performance.

Jack Cramer (Sound Designer and Engineer/Assistant Composer/Ukulelist) is a second-year Music major and Economics major. (Although the latter is coming under greater and greater scrutiny). He has previously worked the Radio24 show, I Arkansas a Ghost (Sound Designer/Composer), but is otherwise new to University Theatre!

Leah Profitt (Dramaturg)

Melia Allan (Vocal Director/Assistant Sound Engineer) is a second-year Political Science and Music major. While they have been singing in Motet Choir and the Vocal Studies program since their first year, Original Sin is their first UChicago Theater production, and they are psyched to be a part of this wonderful show.

Honor Torrance (Choreographer) is a first-year in the College. She has previously worked on the Theater24 Autumn 2020 and Winter 2021 shows (Actor, Graphic Designer), in which she took on serious and challenging roles such as Vampire Romeo and Girl Being Chased By Ghost Of Former US President Bill Clinton.

Seraphina Halpern (Assistant Director) is a first-year in the College. She has previously worked on My H8 Letter to the Gr8 American Theater (Assistant Video Director).

Lena Maghraoui (Assistant Production Manager) is a second-year studying Environmental Science and Arabic. She previously acted in Antony and Cleopatra with the Dean’s Men, and this is her first experience with management. She is so grateful to Maxine King for her incredible patience and kindness in guiding Lena through this new side of theatre, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Carissa Greene (Assistant Vocal Director)

Callie Rosenzweig (Assistant Sound Designer) is a first-year Psychology major from Palo Alto, CA. Original Sin is her first UT show, and also her first experience with sound design—she was primarily an actress, not a techie, in high school. Callie is excited to be getting involved in UT, and she can’t wait to join the community in person next year!

Jane Kelly (Assistant Costume Designer) is an assistant costume designer and a second-year Creative Writing and Business Econ major. This is her first experience with UT or theater in general, but she looks forward to working on many more shows and learning all about the different roles that go into a spectacular production.

Sam Casale (Guitarist) is a third-year Cinema and Media Studies major with a double minor in Neuroscience and Music (he is just as confused by this combination as you are). He has produced and recorded for a variety of artists that cover genre spans from rap, folk, jazz, and just about anything people ask him to do. Connect with him @samyesman on Insta for all your guitar/production needs!

Najee Ahmad (Pianist) is a fourth-year Psychology and Music major. In the past, he has performed with Le Vorris and Vox Circus and really misses doing that because it was super fun and everyone should go to at least one circus open gym next year if things are open pls thanks.

Jeremy Burroughs (Pianist) is a fourth-year student studying Computational and Applied Mathematics. He participates in the university’s Piano Program and plays cello in the University Chamber Orchestra. With this orchestra, he has performed with the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company.

Elissa Kwon (Assistant Sound Engineer)

Jo Blankson (UT Liaison)

Allegra Hatem (Tech Staff Liaison)