At the annual Von Meyer Christmas Eve party, the youngest generation of the Von Meyer family find their retreat in the back office. But in the wake of the death of the Von Meyer matriarch, Annabelle "Granny Annie" Smith-Von Meyer, the family fortune is on the line. Now, the young Von Meyers must face both the family legacy and their future.


Robert Carhuayo (Gerald) is a fourth year Biology major with a minor in Creative Writing. Most of his time on campus has been dedicated to UChicago Commedia (Pantalone, Scapino, Writer, Artistic Director), but he has also worked on Waiting for Godot (Director) with University Theater, Theater[24] (Director, Writer), Fire Escape Films (actor), and Bodas de Sangre (Sound Designer) with CES. Off campus, his credits include a multitude of shows with the Hyde Park Community Players, ranging from The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (El Fayoumy), to the annual Halloween Radio Show, to Airline Highway (Terry), to A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius), to staged readings of works such as Six Characters in Search of an Author (Son) and works from new playwrights. His favorite drink is homemade sangria.

Vivian Soong (Jane) is a third year Economics major and TAPS minor from Boston, MA. Her favorite drink is the cheapest shot available 🥳🥃!

Alex Nobert (Aveline) is a student in the College.

Layla Lukaj (Charlotte) is a First-Year prospective Public Policy and Theater and Performance Studies double major. She has previously studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City and is excited to be making her UT MainStage Debut! Her favorite drink is 2% milk. Plays: Elephant’s Graveyard (Ringmaster), The Good Doctor (Woman/Mistress), Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Sagot), and Time Flies and other Plays (Woman/Bebe 2/Woman). Musicals: Songs for a New World (Soloist), The Music Man (Soloist/Ensemble), Oklahoma! (Kate/Ensemble), and Oliver! (Rose Seller/Ensemble). Other Works: Theater[24]

Konstantin Shmarko (Teagan) is an Economics major, spending the third year of his degree at UChicago as an exchange student. He has previously acted in the autumn quarter’s Theater[24] (as a vampire of undetermined Eastern European origin) and UT Staged Readings (as Liam, in a reading of The Heirs), as well as in a slew of productions at his home university, UCL. Since arriving in the US, Konstantin has discovered that his favourite drink is still water, without ice.

Cole Meldorf (Liam) is a fourth year Astrophysics and Physics major. He has previously worked on Love’s Labour’s Lost (Director), Old Man and the Old Moon (Pericles, pit violin), Fun Home (pit violin), The Winter’s Tale (Shepard’s Son), Macbeth (various roles), A Streetcar Named Desire (Patrick), and Theater[24]. He is on both the University Theater and Dean’s Men boards. His favorite drink is a Moscow Mule.

Production Staff

Noah Klowden (Director, Writer) is a third year Computer Science and Linguistics major. This is his first theater production with University Theater, apart from a workshop performance of The Heirs (Director). His favorite drink is classified.

Ronan O’Callaghan (Writer) is a third-year History major and is the co-writer for The Heirs. He is an avid writer and outside of playwriting he is the co-Editor-in-Chief of The Gate at the IOP.

Annie Dhal (Dramaturg) is a student in the College.

Kelly Mao (Production Manager) is a first year computer science major who has previously been involved with Love’s Labour’s Lost (ASM) and Theater[24] (Writer). It’s been a blast controlling the money for a show about controlling money, and she hopes you enjoy it!

Eleni Lefakis (Stage Manager) is a first year TAPS and Data Science major. She previously worked on the workshop for The Heirs (Costume Designer) and the workshop for Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle (Assistant Stage Manager) this Fall Quarter and is currently working on The Trail to Oregon! (Dramaturg, Assistant Director), which will perform 6th Week of Spring Quarter!

Teddy Sandler (Scenic Designer) is a third year Art History and Anthropology major. She has, in another lifetime, worked on previous UT productions including Company (Assistant Scenic Designer) and Waiting for Godot (Assistant Props Designer) as well as a handful of films taking up different artistic roles. Let yourself be transported into ~Christmas~ (as imagined by a Jew with a disdain for both the concept of religion and generational wealth).

Kate Ferrera (Props Designer) is a fourth year Geophysical Science major and French minor. As one of the founding members of her high school’s theatre club, she managed sets, props and costumes for two years. The Heirs is her first college production.

Anna German (Costume Designer) is a student in the College.

June Villers (Lighting Designer) is a third year English and Creative Writing major. She has previously worked on The Winter’s Tale (Sound Designer), The Old Man and the Old Moon (Sound Designer), Antony and Cleopatra (Assistant Scenic Designer), and Welcome Back to My Channel (Sound Designer). She’s just happy to be here.

Izzy Martino (Sound Designer) is a student in the College.

Sophia Kottman (Assistant Director) is the Assistant Director. She directed the staged reading of The Heirs. She is a first-year still picking among the Humanities majors. Her favorite drink is 2% milk. Enjoy the show!

Maya Doyle (Assistant Production Manager) is a student in the College.

Katherine Weaver (Assistant Stage Manager) is a student in the College.

Belle Nahoom (Assistant Stage Manager) is a first year. She has previously been involved in Theater[24] and Staged Readings. She is also part of the Commedia Dell’Arte Improv group on campus. She is very grateful to everyone involved to be a part of this experience.

Seth Nguyen (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a fourth-ish year in the College. Credits: The Winter’s Tale (Stage Manager), Macbeth (Assistant Stage Manager), A Weekend of Workshops: The Asian Crime Show Play (Director), Waiting for Godot (Props Designer), Dry Land (Assistant Scenic Designer), and Theater[24] (Curator, Writer). He is excited to tell you about the wonderful qualities of mahogany.

Becky Vazquez (Assistant Props Designer) is a student in the College.

Amy Lu (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a student in the College.

Zander Galluppi (UT Committee Liaison) is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Committee on Immunology. He has performed in over twelve UT/TAPS productions: some of his favorite credits include Love’s Labour’s Lost (Holofernes), Animals Out of Paper (Andy), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Smee). Zander has also appeared with the Hyde Park Community Players and regionally with the Beverly Arts Center, This Moment Productions, and Underscore Theatre Company. This year is Zander’s third year on UT Committee. You can catch him THIS WEEKEND as The Man in TAPS’ production of Amazons and Their Men next door in Theatre West!