Amy, a soon-to-graduate biology PhD student, is almost ready to submit her cancer research work. Meanwhile at a conference, her mentor finds out that a heavily overlapping work was recently published, rendering Amy’s hard work no longer usable. She is now forced to start over on a new project and seek outside funding. Getting scooped isn’t a rare occurrence in science, but what happened to Amy might be more than a simple coincidence.

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Tess Ortego (Amy)

Stevie Xie (Danny)

Zander Galluppi (Julian) is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Committee on Immunology. He has performed in over 15 UT/TAPS productions and is in his fourth term on UT Committee. Some of his favorite UT credits include Love’s Labour’s Lost (Holofernes), Animals Out of Paper (Andy), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Smee). Zander also performs regionally in Chicago, where his credits include work with CenterStage in Lake Forest, the Beverly Arts Center, This Moment Productions, and Underscore Theatre Company as part of the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival. You can catch him appearing next as Lysander in CenterStage in Lake Forest’s outdoor touring production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream late this summer!

Emma Linderman (Makayla) is a second-year Cinema and Media Studies and TAPS major. At UChicago, she has acted in Amazons and Their Men (The Extra) and Yivdak (Zahara), and has also performed in regional and community productions. She is also a member of UChicago’s independent improv group, Occam’s Razor. She has not taken a science class since last year.

Lara Braverman (Marie)

Production Staff

Tyler Pleasant (Director) is a second-year Chemistry PhD student. Last quarter, which was his first quarter with UT, he was the Production Manager for workshops. This is his second time directing a full-length show and he is very excited to share the amazing work of the whole team with you! Other than living in the rehearsal room for the last 7 weeks, Tyler also enjoys board games, D&D, video games, and anime.

Lena Maghraoui (Production Manager)

Henry Kerrey (Stage Manager)

Faustina Yick (Dramaturg)

Kosuke Takaira (Scenic Designer)

Abby Kanes (Props Designer) is a first-year TAPS and Business Economics major. In UT, she performed in the The Heirs Workshop (Aveline) in Fall 2021 and this quarter played in the pit orchestra for The Trail to Oregon. At her performing arts summer camp, she was a CIT in the props department designing, creating, and finding props for numerous shows. She is also a member of UT Committee.

Chloe Mesa (Costume Designer)

Maya Carlos Doyle (Lighting Designer)

Crystina Windham (Sound Designer)

Gigi Hancock (Projections Designer)

Danielle Yablonovskiy (Assistant Production Manager)

Polly Ren (Assistant Production Manager) is a first-year Economics major. This is her first time being involved in a theatre production. Outside of theatre, Polly enjoys rowing, surfing the internet, and playing Minesweeper.

Nico Brown (Assistant Stage Manager)

Felix Chen (Assistant Stage Manager) is a second-year student planning to major in Linguistics and Sociology. This is his first time with UT in any capacity, but previously in grade school, among other things, he has served as actor and props coordinator. Outside of theater, Felix rides the bicycle, does copyediting at The Chicago Maroon, and is currently a student building manager at Reynolds and Ida Noyes.

Yangge Xu (Assistant Stage Manager)

Belle Nahoom (Assistant Costume Designer)

Amelia Simonoff (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a fourth-year Neuroscience and Music double major, as well as pre-med. She has previously done camera work for 86th Annual, and was the lighting designer on Fields of Asphodel, Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle, and The Trail to Oregon. She hopes you likes microscopes!

Aurélie Roubinowitz (Assistant Lighting Designer)

Abby Beckler (Assistant Proj./Sound Designer)

Sana Fessuh (Assistant Proj./Sound Designer)

Ariana Baginski (UT Committee Liaison)

Abby Starr (Tech Staff Liaison)