Join us for new work presented by this year's graduating TAPS majors and minors!

Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle, written by Brandon Zang, directed by Ling Lin

In steampunk San Francisco in the 1870s, a young artificer has built a sentient automaton eagle and the whole world wants it for their own. Together with his ambitious older sister, they must figure out a way to protect their invention before it falls into the wrong hands. In a metropolis forged from steel, nothing is quite as it seems.
Content warning: racial slurs, violence, sexual violence, murder


Valerie Zhao (Ah Wing)

Abigail Kanes (Nancy)

Layla Lukaj (The Eagle)

Faustina Yick (Lan Fa)

Jonathan White (James)

Nick Schwarz (O'Donnell)

Zander Galluppi (Mayor Bryant)

Lara Sachdeva (Dr. Chang)

George Corrin (Ensemble)

Harry Stevens (Ensemble)

Production Staff

Ling Lin (Director)

Naomi Scherer (Stage Manager)

Brandon Zang (Production Manager)

Amelia Simonoff (Lighting Designer)

Iona Liu (Designer)

Brandon Zang (Designer)

Ashley Chen (Assistant Stage Manager)

Yivdak, written and directed by Jonathan White

For the poor weaver Yivdak, the faith he keeps within his heart struggles against his better judgment; however, this struggle is not due to a lack of belief but rather a lack of self-worth. How do we reconcile personal emotion and social tradition?


Benjamin White (Yivdak)

Allison Kanter (Nitzkah)

Zander Galluppi (Simeon)

Belle Nahoom (Jared)

John Delaloye (Jeremiah)

Emmma Linderman (Zahara)

Brandon Zang (Netush)

Valerie Zhao (Shevora)

Production Staff

Jonathan White (Director)

Elena Gill (Music Director & Composer)

Naomi Scherer (Stage Manager)

Mary Mouton (Lighting Designer)

Rea Brown (Scenic Designer)

Anna German (Costume Designer)


Erica Hsieh (Singer)

Isabel Schmitz (Singer)

Katja Della Libera (Singer)

Elena Gill (Pianist)

Special Thanks

Devon de Mayo, Leslie Danzig, and Scott Elmegreen (Thesis Advisors)

Ben Caracello, Brian Maschka, Neel McNeill, Joyce Murphy, Jenny Pinson, Samantha Rausch, Nathan Rohrer, Heather Sparling, Vicki Walden, and Ian Young (TAPS Pro Staff)