Come see an afternoon of scenes from student-written plays, featuring six new works!

Organized by Allegra Hatem, Spencer Ng, Cole Meldorf, and Gabi Garcia.

Thanks to TAPS Lecturer Scott Elmegreen for supporting student writers and for assisting with casting!

Waiting Room by Natalie Manley, directed by Tyler Pleasant

Content warning: Mentions of death, profanity


Ro Redfern-Taube (Rene Mora)

Amanda Murphy (Oriana Malachi)

Saf Ben Caspi Lebovic (Cal Malachi)

Ellie Bullie (Frederick Oaklyn)

Natalie Floreancig (Rosalie Oaklyn)

Allison Mattessich (Crystal)

Anthony Calixto (Doctor 1)

Gianfranco Cristian Miranda Romero (Doctor 2)

Production Staff

Parker Otto (Stage Manager)

The Poetry of Nara Xingde by Brandon Zang, directed by Faustina Yick


Kosuke Takaira (Xingde)

Emma Xu (Kangxi)

Siyi Yue (Xie)

Whoever Saves One Life by Allison Mattessich, directed by Maria Zhao

Content warning: Discussion of suicide, profanity


Luke Delaney (Therapist)

Jonathan Rufino (Man)

Production Staff

Spencer Ng (Stage Manager)

For the Love of Beauty: Stories About Luz by Tyler Ashman, directed by Kosuke Takaira


Allison Kanter (Abi)

Jonathan Rufino (Lew / Friendo)

Natalie Manley (Rose)

Gabriel Schneider (Man / Caleb)

Production Staff

You Li (Stage Manager)

Marionette and TOUCH by Gabi Garcia, directed by Allison Kanter


Stone Garcia (Performer)

Production Staff

Spencer Ng (Stage Manager)