Workshops give directors and writers a chance to see their work come alive on stage. Join us for a weekend of workshopped scenes from two plays: Chaos Theory and Fields of Asphodel.

Chaos Theory by Anuvab Pal, directed by Ananya Karanam

These excerpts from Chaos Theory follow longtime friends Sunita and Mukesh over their 35-year relationship, as they go from idealistic undergraduate students in New Delhi to literature professors at prestigious American universities. A story of academia, love, and migration, Chaos Theory is an exploration of what it means to be part of the South Asian diaspora.


Maya Ghosal (Mukesh)

Nitika Jain (Sunita)

Production Staff

Antrita Manduva (Stage Manager)

Aurélie Roubinowitz (Lighting Designer)

Fields of Asphodel by Sophie Roth-Douquet, directed by Brandon Zang


Emma Herzig (Zo)

Laura Mahaniah (Syd)

Production Staff

Maya Doyle (Stage Manager)

Danielle Yablonovskiy (Tech Stage Manager)

Amelia Simonoff (Lighting Designer)

Workshops Production Staff

Ling Lin (Sound Designer)

Tyler Pleasant (Production Manager)

Allegra Hatem (UT Committee Liaison)