Spring Auditions

Come audition for King Lear and Scientific Method! Those interested in auditioning should visit this page for more details.

Mar. 29-30, 7-10pm
3rd Floor, Cobb Hall

Theater[24] Showcase

Theater [24] is a wild ride of a theater festival where students write, produce, direct, rehearse and perform short plays centered around a secret theme all in the span of 24 hours! Come see the culmination of their work, or sign up here to participate!

Apr. 2, 7:30pm
FXK Theater

Project Day

Hosted by TAPS, Project Day is a quarterly event for the casts and crews of all the shows to meet each other, other performance RSOs, and TAPS staff. Feel free to come even if you are not on a show - it’s a great way to meet theater people and learn about the performance opportunities at UChicago!

Apr. 8, 6-8pm
Theater West

New Work Week: Pre-Vaccine, Post Instagram

Come watch Pre-Vaccine, Post Instagram by Lou Gargouri, directed by Eleni Lefakis and Olivia Ward, and featuring Allegra Hatem and Honglan Huang. Tickets are free!
In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic two new roommates get to know each other during lockdown. They share dinner, their feelings on social media as well as their homesickness. Will they end up friends or will the lockdown drive them apart?

Apr. 16, 4pm

TAPS BA Project Presentations

Join us for new work presented by this year’s graduating TAPS majors and minors! Performances include Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle (7:30p Apr. 28-29), Me/My/Mine: 我,我的,我的 (Apr. 29), Yivdak (6:30p Apr. 30 - May 1), and Pint Sized Plays (6:30p Sundays Apr. 24 - May 22). For more details on locations and times, click here!

Various times, Apr. 22 - May 22
Logan Center & FXK

Off-Off Campus: Soup!

Off-Off Campus is the nation’s oldest collegiate improv and sketch comedy group.
Join us for the Spring Quarter Revue! Every Friday from 4th-8th week, Generations 36 will present a never-before-seen comedy show, never to be seen again… unless you’re in a Groundhog Day situation, in which case, we can’t help you. All love, though!
This season will feature pre-glows from UChicago stand-up comedians, Ransom Notes a capella, and even a magician!

The Trail to Oregon!

Based on the Oregon Trail computer game that we all grew up with and loved. The Trail to Oregon follows a family of five as they make their way from Missouri to Oregon in 1848. From starvation to bandits to dysentery, the family endures all of these challenges in hopes of a better life in Oregon. A free preview will take place Thursday, May 5.

May 5-7, 7:30pm + May. 7, 2pm

King Lear

King Lear has ruled for many years. As age overtakes him, he divides his kingdom amongst his children. Misjudging their loyalty, he soon finds himself stripped of all the trappings of state, wealth and power that had defined him. A free preview will take place Thursday, May 12.

May 12-13 and May 15, 7:30pm + May 15, 2pm
FXK Theater, Reynolds Club

Scientific Method

Amy, a soon-to-graduate biology PhD student, is almost ready to submit her cancer research work. Meanwhile at a conference, her mentor finds out that a heavily overlapping work was recently published, rendering Amy’s hard work no longer usable. She is now forced to start over on a new project and seek outside funding. Getting scooped isn’t a rare occurrence in science, but what happened to Amy might be more than a simple coincidence. A free preview will take place Thursday, May 19.

May 19-21, 7:30pm + May 21, 2pm

We will continue planning events throughout the quarter! The best way to stay up-to-date on events is to…..

Have an idea for an event? Contact us at ut-committee@uchicago.edu or message us on Facebook!

A note on these events: These convenings are open to all invitees who are compliant with UChicago vaccination requirements and, because of ongoing health risks, particularly to the unvaccinated, participants are expected to adopt the risk mitigation measures (masking and social distancing, etc.) appropriate to their vaccination status as advised by public health officials or to their individual vulnerabilities as advised by a medical professional. Public convenings may not be safe for all and carries a risk for contracting COVID-19, particularly for those unvaccinated. Participants will not know the vaccination status of others and should follow appropriate risk mitigation measures. Click here for more information about university COVID safety protocols.